Episode 24

Published on:

19th Feb 2024

Ep. 024 - Caron Shahrestani: Building a Values Based Business with Video

In this episode, Maine portrait photographer Matt Stagliano talks with Caron Shahrestani, a videographer and business coach based in the Bay Area of California. She is also the owner of Caron Modern Media which provides video marketing services and coaching for business owners.

Podcast Title: Generator

Episode Title: Caron Shahrestani: Building a Values Based Business with Video

Episode Number: 24

Publish Date: 19 February 2024

Episode Overview

Join us as we explore the worlds of video marketing, social change, and self-discovery with the insightful Caron Shahrestani. Caron shares her journey from journalism to videography, her experiences confronting cultural inequities, and her mission to empower others through video and coaching. This episode tackles a range of important topics, including the shifting social landscape, women's leadership, and the power of storytelling for impact.

Guest Profile

Caron Shahrestani is a videographer, coach, and founder of Caron Modern Media. Based in Silicon Valley, she helps businesses navigate the evolving video landscape with compelling storytelling and authentic marketing strategies. Corona is passionate about breaking down societal barriers and fostering a more inclusive and equitable world.

Key Topics and Talking Points

  • Video marketing strategies and trends
  • The importance of storytelling in marketing
  • Confronting cultural inequities (gender inequality, racism, LGBTQ+ bias)
  • Female leadership and empowerment
  • Personal growth and transformation
  • Balancing authenticity and audience targeting in a divided society

Resources and Links

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  • Website: Explore Caron's work and offerings at https://caronmodernmedia.com/
  • Schedule a Strategy Call: Book a complimentary call with Caron at https://calendly.com/caronmodmedia/45-minute-strategy-session-ext
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