Episode 23

Published on:

22nd Jan 2024

Ep. 023 - Focal Points with CoHost Jonny Edward: Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud

This is the first episode in a sub-series of Generator called "Focal Points" where Maine photographer Matt Stagliano speaks with Jonny Edward, a commercial and portrait photographer, as well a top-tier educator based in Denver, Colorado about a variety of topics.

"Jonny and I always have long deep conversations when we get together and we decided to start recording more of them. In this first Focal Point, we wanted to say the quiet parts out loud, and talk about struggles as a creative and occasionally feeling lost or uninspired. This is just the two of us working out our emotions and perspectives in real time. Totally unscripted and without a defined end point. It was wonderful to just sit down and talk this through"

Podcast Title: Generator - A podcast about creativity

Episode Title: Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud

Host: Matt Stagliano

CoHost: Jonny Edward

Description: Join Matt Stagliano and Jonny Edward as they delve into the raw struggles of facing creative blocks, self-doubt, and overcoming fears. They discuss feeling creatively lost and stuck, the challenges of defining success, and how personal growth intertwines with creative pursuits. If you're searching for ways to unlock your creativity and tap into your purpose, this honest and thought-provoking episode is for you.

Keywords: creativity, creative blocks, fear, self-doubt, career, growth, community, photography, podcasting, mental health

Topics Covered:

  • Overcoming creative insecurity and feeling lost
  • Exploring creative identities and purpose
  • Balancing pursuing new directions with existing passions
  • Fears holding back creative growth
  • Connecting with others while battling feelings of isolation
  • Self-belief, inner struggle, and personal growth
  • Tattoo experiences and community
  • Dealing with stillness and self-care
  • Importance of finding joy in creativity

Call to Action:

For more on Jonny Edward's photography and educational courses, please visit jonnyedward.com

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A podcast about creativity
Join host and Maine portrait photographer Matt Stagliano while he has long, casual conversations with his guests about creativity in art, business, and relationships. We believe that anything you create is worth talking about!
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