Episode 27

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19th Mar 2024

Ep. 027 - Focal Points with CoHost Jonny Edward: The Recap of WPPI 2024 (Part 1)

This is another installment of a sub-series of Generator called "Focal Points" where Maine photographer Matt Stagliano speaks with Jonny Edward, a commercial and portrait photographer, as well a top-tier educator based in Denver, Colorado about a variety of topics.

Podcast Title: Generator: Focal Points

Episode Title: The Recap of WPPI 2024 (Part 1)

Episode Number: 027

Publish Date: 19 March 2024

Description: In this episode, Matt & Jonny recount their vastly different experiences at WPPI 2024 in Las Vegas. This is Part 1 of a two part episode.

Keywords: creativity, WPPI, trade show, conference, photography, career, growth, community, podcasting, professional etiquette

Key Topics and Talking Points

  • The aftermath of WPPI
  • Are trade shows going extinct?
  • The problems with photography shooting bays
  • An overview of Jonny's post-show workshop
  • Attending a VIP party
  • The photographer Code of Conduct

Resources and Links

  • For more on Jonny Edward's photography and educational courses, please visit jonnyedward.com

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