Episode 26

Published on:

4th Mar 2024

Ep 026 - Kristen Lettini: How to Build Your Own Fairytale

In this episode, Maine portrait photographer Matt Stagliano talks with Kristen Lettini.

Kristen is a Business Management Consultant and the host of the Build Your Own Fairytale podcast. She helps simplify and streamline processes so small business owners can do more of what they love, rather than get stuck in their day to day tasks of their business.

Podcast Title: Generator

Episode Title: How to Build Your Own Fairytale

Episode Number: 026

Publish Date: March 3, 2024

Episode Overview

Join us for an inspiring conversation about building a successful business on your own terms. Learn how systems and workflows transform solopreneur ventures, saving time and increasing revenue. Get tips on managing burnout, overcoming imposter syndrome, and optimizing your social media presence. Discover strategies to create work-life balance while pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. If you're ready to design a fulfilling and successful business, this episode is for you!

Key Topics and Talking Points

  • Systems streamline success: Discover how implementing systems and workflows transform businesses, leading to growth and sanity.
  • Solopreneur Solutions: Get expert insights on systems specifically tailored for solopreneurs and small business owners.
  • Work-Life Balance and Burnout: Learn tips for creating boundaries, avoiding burnout, and achieving a fulfilling life as an entrepreneur.
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Explore strategies to combat imposter syndrome and step confidently into your entrepreneurial role.
  • Social Media Strategy: Optimize your social media presence with actionable tips on content planning and audience engagement.

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