Episode 4

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23rd Feb 2023

Ep. 004 - Sissela Johansson - From Imposter Syndrome to Authenticity

In this episode, Matt Stagliano speaks with Sissela Johansson, an editorial portrait photographer located in Monroe, CT and she explains the benefits of authenticity in her business, reinventing herself, setting boundaries with clients, and the pitfalls of social media.

To see more of Sissela's work please visit bysissela.com

For the video of this interview, just head on over to my YouTube channel!

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Join host and Maine portrait photographer Matt Stagliano while he has long, casual conversations with his guests about creativity in art, business, and relationships. We believe that anything you create is worth talking about!
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Matt Stagliano is an internationally awarded and accredited Master portrait photographer, videographer, speaker, mentor and owner of several businesses including Maine's premier portrait studio, Stonetree Creative.